Online Coaching


  • Personalised training plans to suit your lifestyle & target physical goals
  • Macro-tailored nutrition plans
  • Weekly check ins to help track your progress
  • A coach in your corner for the perfect support and guidance
  • All for JUST £59.99 per month
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What is online Coaching?

Online coaching is the newest and most innovative way to help you achieve your fitness goals. Online coaching offers you accountability and ownership of your successes; it supports you in transforming your body, your mindset and your lifestyle. Whether your goal is weight loss, to build muscle, to improve general fitness or simply maintain a balanced lifestyle, we can always accommodate you.

We take on clients of all types, ranging from those with specific dietary requirements to those who have never stepped foot in a gym! We aim to tailor our programmes based on each individual’s circumstances, including a customised nutrition and training plan. We aim to motivate you, to guide you and to educate you. You will learn exactly how your body reacts physically with different foods and exercises, which is essential for long-term progress.

Online Coaching is a tough but rewarding process. If you are truly driven to make changes, then it is perfect for you.

Nufs Kitchen

How Does Online Coaching Work

Ask yourself : Am I ready to be the best version of myself and commit to online coaching?

Our most successful clients come to us with strong intensions; ready to commit, ready to listen and eager to achieve. They’re tired of stressing over what to eat, how much to eat, how to train and WHEN to train. These clients are happy to follow a personalised plan which works for their lifestyle. If this sounds like you, then you should work with us. For the best results, we recommend committing to Online Coaching for at least 12 weeks. Having said that, most of our clientele have stayed with us for months, if not years, as they enjoy the accountability and motivation.

Apply by filling out our application.

Here at Nufs Kitchen, we take pride in carefully customising our plans for ALL of our clients, so that they receive the most effective guidance. Due to our high standards, we are in great demand. Consequently, we only accept a limited number of clients onto our coaching programme. Therefore, we only select clients who appear to be honest and suitable for the programme at the time of application, as we only accept people who appear to be 100% ready to engage. With this in mind, it’s extremely important to be as detailed as possible in your application.

Wait for an email to confirm your place

Due to the high number of applications we receive, we aim to get back to you within a few working days as we go through each application individually.

Welcome to the team

If you’re accepted, your coach will get in touch with you so that you can begin the coaching process. Once we have received your lifestyle information, we will begin to put your customised nutrition and training plans in place.

Get the results you deserve.

With the aid of weekly check ins, customised plans, support and guidance, you should begin to see physical results each week. You should find that being accountable to your coach each week, means that you are more driven to stick to your plans and drive through your weakest points. We know that you may need a break when life gets tough, we are human too. However, we want to help lessen those excuses and help you manage a healthy, busy lifestyle.

Nufs Kitchen


A new way to achieve all your fitness goals with no stress!


No! Online Coaching can take place anywhere in the world. We will be in contact digitally, via email or WhatsApp. Your Check Ins are also communicated digitally, so we do not meet in person at any point. That is the beauty of Online Coaching!

Our coach is called Nufi. Nufi is a well-educated, personal trainer/online coach with over 10 years’ experience in the industry. He has the following qualifications: REPS Level 2 and Level 3 Personal Training, Nutritional Coaching, Life Fitness Coaching, Pre and Post Natal and Sports Coaching.

Yes, you can. We have some clients who have been with us for years, and they still coach with us even though they have a huge bank of knowledge around fitness and nutrition now. Even the best athletes need a coach at times. For many people, being accountable to someone helps them stay focused on their goals.

Yes, to some extent, we can. This boils down to each individual circumstance. On a whole, we do our very best to tailor all training plans to suit an individual’s physical circumstances.

The answer depends on many factors, that being: how well the client sticks to their plan, how much hard work the client puts into their training and how consistent the client is with checking in. On average, you should start noticing physical results around 2-4 weeks into the plan.

When filling out the application form, you need to clarify any allergies and dislikes that you have in regard to food. We would tailor your plan to ensure it doesn’t include a food you are allergic to or dislike.

No. You will check-in once a week, which consists of sending front/back/side photographs of your physique and an updated weight. Your weekly check-in allows your coach to make weekly changes to your plans (where necessary). On top of this, you are welcome to contact your coach at any time, any day of the week.

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