We currently deliver once a week.

You will receive your delivery box always commencing on the next Sunday following your order.*

Sunday between 10am-4pm.

  • DN35 - 10AM - 12NOON
  • DN36 - 10AM - 12NOON
  • LN11 - 12NOON - 2PM
  • DN37 - 12NOON - 2PM
  • DN33 - 12NOON - 2PM
  • DN32 - 1PM - 3PM
  • DN34 - 1PM - 3PM
  • DN31 - 2PM - 4PM
  • DN40 - 2PM - 4PM
  • DN41 - 2PM - 4PM

Your estimated delivery time will be determined by your postcode. We do not offer a dedicated time slot for delivery however call us or email us during office hours and we can provide you with a rough estimate of times if you require.

*Please note that all orders must be placed by Thursday 17.59pm for your first delivery to commence on the Sunday.

You do not have to be home to take delivery.

Nufs Kitchen

Delivered To Your Door

With long hours at work, family commitments, and a hectic social lifestyle, for many of us, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to eat a clean, well-balanced diet.

That can change now! We deliver freshly prepared meals directly to your doorstep, in microwave-safe and recyclable containers.

Committed to working around your lifestyle, we offer a delivery service between 4pm-8pm every Sunday. Our delivery team will leave your box on your doorstep, unless you’ve pre-arranged a designated place for us to leave it.

If you want to pause delivery or make a change to your plan, simply log in to the admin area on our site and let us know. Just remember this need to be done before the weekly Thursday 17.59pm cut off point in order to process your request!

Our Satisfied Customers