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What is Nufs Kitchen?

Nufs Kitchen is a meal prep business currently based and supplying in Grimsby & surrounding areas. We specialise in making nutrition stress free and easy by preparing healthy & tasty meals to suit each individual’s needs.

We also specialise in one to one personal training, as well as online coaching and personal training to help increase motivation and get the best results your after.

Nufs Kitchen

How Does It Work?

We know eating clean and having time to prep isn’t easy. Our aim is to make clean eating easier, leading to a healthier lifestyle. Click on our order page where you can choose from a wide selection of proteins, carbs, veg and fats to enable you achieve your goals. You have the choice to add extras to your order at minimal cost.

Our one to one personal training includes training on a personal level with one of our highly qualified personal trainers, a tailor-made training plan for you to follow when training on your own, a full body composition, fitness testing, a strength test and a core test to show improvements on all areas.

Our online personal training provides you with a tailor-made training plan including a variety of workouts, from resistance training to cardio and active rest sessions to suit each induvials goal. Click on our personal training page to get more information on both one to one and online personal training.

70% diet 30% training... here at Nuf's Kitchen we provide you with both!


Your access to success shouldn't be limited on where you are based - you can transform your life wherever you are in the world.

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“Anyone who struggles with time to cook your own healthy meals each week, get in touch with Nuf!”

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